This assessment is designed as an awareness tool to guide your healing journey – and you can use it as a starting assessment as well as for noting progress on your healing journey.

This assessment is just for you – for your own evaluation of your healing progress.

Instructions: For each statement below, respond with one of four choices:
A – Rarely or not at all
B – Sometimes
C – Regularly
D – Frequently

In the past month…

  1. I feel lonely – and alone.

  2. I am worried and anxious.

  3. I don’t get much exercise.

  4. I eat poorly (processed, junk, and sugary items).

  5. I am under stress/stressed out.

  6. I am mostly sedentary.

  7. I struggle with regular, good sleep.

  8. I beat myself up over some decisions/actions.

  9. I worry about a lingering health issue(s).

  10. I feel/express anger for no good reasons.

  11. I do not respect myself.

  12. I let people take advantage of me.

  13. I have relationship issues (family, loved ones, friends).

  14. I feel unloved – or unlovable.

  15. I have dark, depressive days.

Scoring: There is no scale for judging your results; the key here is awareness. If you have many more C and D choices marked off, then it’s clear you have had some struggles, but it should also help bring some insights into your healing journey.

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