HealMeWhole.com: A New Paradigm of Wholeistic Healing

Every one of us is called to have a healing journey, but not enough of us are listening. Are YOU ready?

HEAL! by Dr. Randall Hansen; cover

We are redefining healing; exploring true healing modalities, and providing hope for living an authentic, joy-filled life. You can live your BEST life!

From Dr. Randall (HealingSeed.World) Hansen, PhD: “Are you ready for a HEALING REVOLUTION? This project… a project that I hope will contribute to the healing of humanity and the Earth, is based on community and togetherness, honoring various healing practices, medicines, and modalities… and focused on helping everyone achieve TRUE love, joy, peace, and authenticity.”

Let’s HEAL — and live our true and joy-filled lives!

Dr. Randall S. Hansen, PhD, is author of the trend-setting psychedelics guidebook, Triumph Over Trauma: Psychedelic Medicines are Helping People Heal Their Trauma, Change Their Lives, and Grow Their Spirituality.

Ran "HealingSeed.World" Hansen

“The most transformative shifts in my life over the recent years have unfolded from embracing an entirely genuine version of myself. It took almost four decades to understand that I had been living under an identity constructed by others’ perceptions and expectations of who I should be. 

Now my world is filled with individuals I adore, respect, and earnestly wish to spend time with.”

– Ryan Roberts, retired Marine, who has worked in military and healthcare leadership for years.